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Shortbus; sex here I come (or not?)

March 2, 2009

shortbusYesterday I saw the movie Shortbus on TV. If the director, John Cameron Mitchell, wants to show us sex in the context of our 21st century “sexual freedom” and all its price tags, then I can say that he does an excellent job. Two thumbs up!

The sex scenes are explicit, but not pornographic. Young urban people in Manhattan indulge in a lot of sex, desperately looking for contact with others. What?!? They got naked all the time, sweating and dripping bodily fluids and still feel lonely?

While one of the leading actress, Sofia (Sook Yin Lee) – a sexual therapist – craves so much for orgasm. She does have a lot of sex with her husband though. Difficult poses that makes you think this couple must have done yoga their whole lives.

What kind of female orgasm by the way, the one that you see in porno movies? Err… are you sure the porno stars do not fake it? It’s their profession after all.

Since Sofia herself says to one of her clients, “Well, if you don’t have orgasm, then fake it! Because you can buy time with it.” You can’t complain about Sofia’s motives though, she wants to have orgasm to save her marriage.

“Sexual freedom” post-Freudian-Victorian era, and yet you can’t help but notice, it still can not liberate people from sadness, loneliness, depression and suicides. One gay guy is planning a suicide. But don’t worry, nobody dies in the movie.

It’s an erotic movie that amuses and moves you instead of arousing you. Watch and judge for yourself.

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  1. March 2, 2009 11:02

    Which is moving? The storyline or the sex scenes? 😀

    • March 2, 2009 12:10

      @ atas
      the sex scenes are imbedded in the storyline, so the answer is both :mrgreen:

  2. March 4, 2009 05:49

    1. What TV channel is this? They show that kind of stuff on TV now? Mau doooong!!!

    2. Faking orgasms. Haha. Buys you time? Haha. Right. As soon as a girl starts faking it, these are the probable results:
    a) Man starts pumping harder and less considerately, thinking that he’s done HIS part of the job, now he can cut the chase.

    b) Woman, knows that the man is thinking from the change of bed decibels, and gets depressed, worsening the chances that she might get an inch near an orgasm

    c) When they’re done, the guy feels great that he made his girl “come” and the girl feels not so great that she lied AND didn’t come.

    d) Repeat above cycle for x number of years.

    e) They eventually break up after a lot of faking because unsatisfactory sex is below any woman’s standards. And it’s her fault that she didn’t give him the heads up. Hoho.

    Nice, irrationally erratic blog. I just got here, lemmie look around and see if there’s anything else that might turn on my commenting fingers.

  3. March 6, 2009 13:29

    Difficult poses that makes you think this couple must have done yoga their whole lives.

    muahahaha… ketahuan MUI makin parah nih peryogaan… :mrgreen:

  4. March 9, 2009 01:47

    @ Hning
    Belgian TV channel :mrgreen:

    @ sitijenang
    wah MUI main ke blog-blog juga kah? :mrgreen: lagipula, mosok kawin sama lebih dari 1 orang dibolehkan, gayanya mo diatur-atur sih… kan bosen 😀

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