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Teapot wonder

October 3, 2007


I found out that a teapot can perform some wonder. Nothing with djinn’s or some princess from Aladdin story, but the taste of the tea itself. If you are a tea lover, that is worth dying for. Since my friend purred that teapot from Bodum® is the best in its class, I decide to give it a try (if the price is in my budget of course!). First I went to a pretty fancy shop where they have nothing cheaper than 70 euro… timidly I asked whether they also have some teapots of Bodum®. They never have it, so they suggested to go some shops further. Happily I found one which is reasonably priced. Last night I drank my first cup of tea and really surprised that the teapot indeed has some influence on the taste! It tastes much much better than usual.  I wonder how borosilicate glass can give you the best tea experience ever.

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  1. October 4, 2007 06:07

    maybe because the material can control the heat?
    just like when we made tea using a teracota teapot.

    bisa jadi, yang jelas rasa tehnya jadi nikmat hehehe

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