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The Holocaust Industry

February 25, 2007

Title: The Holocaust Industry: Reflection on the exploitations of Jewish suffering
Author: Norman G. Finkelstein
Publisher: Verso, 1st edition (2000)

I read this book on advice of some friend as it has caused quite an uproar both in Jewish and non-Jewish communities. I remember visiting a Nazi concentration camp in Czech a couple of years ago, somewhere just outside Prague (I don’t remember the name though). The prisoners were by far not only Jews but also other Europeans as well. Of course the living standard was not particularly good for anyone. Definitely without any gas chamber, there was only a normal-looking crematorium.

First the author made a clear distinction between The Holocaust and Nazi holocaust. While the latter signals the actual historical event, The Holocaust is an ideological representation of the Nazi holocaust. He also wryly writes that The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. It certainly gives some Jews  immunity against critics.

In the first part the book describes how Nazi Holocaust was never a talk of the day before the Six-Day War in 1967. How Jewish suffering became an important issue after the glorious winning of Israel in 1967 and not before. While in 1956 when Israel was involved in Suez Crisis war with Egypt, American chose the Arab side. After Israel show of their army strength in 1967 America started to see it differently, from nobody they turned into a strategic asset in Middle East. This change of situation is even more important for the American Jewish elites, since their position is now more important than ever as natural interlocutors for America’s newest strategic asset. While before they could only offer a few list of Jewish subversives. Since then they make it as their main agenda to promote the uniqueness of Jewish suffering, The Holocaust was born.

Next the book illustrates how The Holocaust is turned into a big money business by some American Jewry. In the name of the wronged, needy Holocaust victims, money was and is tapped from Europe. Not only from Germany, but also Switzerland and even poor Eastern European countries. Ironically, most of the billion of dollars never reached the real Holocaust survivors and/ or heirs. A certain part of the money goes to the Holocaust education program (or should we say propaganda?), while others go directly to some big American Jewry organizations and Israel.

Quite amusing, Yitzak Rabin when asked about his attitude concerning the Palestinian refugees during a Holocaust seminar which stated that genocide based on race, ethnicity, religion etc is in no way justified in this world, said that Israel has no responsibility whatsoever to attend to the need of Palestinian refugees. 

“It seems to me the Holocaust is being sold – it is not being taught.” — Rabbi Arnold Jacob Wolf, Hillel Director, Yale University. (Michael Berenbaum, After Tragedy and Triumph, Cambridge 1990, 45)

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  1. February 26, 2007 16:47

    I’ll read this. Promise, I will. Quite interesting, though.

  2. March 6, 2007 22:53

    mbok pake bahasa indonesia..jadi gak mumet aku bacanya..hik2

  3. March 7, 2007 00:04

    Actually (I don’t know why) I hate the word Holocaust…
    BTW what do you think about Ahmadinejad’s opinion about holocaust?

  4. March 7, 2007 05:21

    terlalu”out of my brain”….sampai lebaran monyet otak saya yang sakbiji jambu ini ndak sampe…

    thanks for visiting my blog=)

  5. March 7, 2007 17:18

    @nasori Abdul ghani wah saya yang mumet kalo musti nerjemahin lagi ke bahasa Indonesia, hehehe

    @deKing which statement? His outcry that holocaust is a hoax? Or about Israel should be swept away from the earth? Then I suggest you read this book, it would clear things up a bit 🙂

    @mei sama-sama

  6. March 18, 2007 15:14

    holocaust its true but not truth….

  7. April 5, 2007 10:44

    holocaust memang jadi sumber uang bagi mereka2 yg bisa memanfaatkan momen itu… terlepas dari holocaust is a hoax or not … liat aja berapa film yg mengambil tema holocaust mencetak box office, belum lagi buku2 yg jadi best seller…dan camp-camp konsentrasi kan skrg jadi tempat wisata ….

    mbak pernah ke Auschwitz, di polandia… kalo dari berlin naek pswt tujuan krakow, dari sana ada bisa ambil paketan wisata ke Auschwitz (tapi bookingnya agak lama), perjalanan darat dari krakow ke Auschwitz cuma bentar kok …. disana selain kenangan “buruk” bisa menikmati suasananya… indah kok…bersih… mungkin disana bisa “dicari” apa, kenapa, bagaimana bisa muncul istilah THE HOLOCAUST INDUSTRY….

  8. April 2, 2011 18:25

    watch the The Holocaust animation collection-No.1 on:

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