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Titbit around Christmas

December 28, 2006
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Some stories around last Christmas. (for more information about the keris in picture please scroll down)

Christmas started with a hilarious incidence. On Saturday evening, as I was in a hurry to finish my dinner, which I decided should be something eaten quickly from the market, since I had to go to a friend’s wedding, I just managed to get a fish bone in my throat. I got terrible coughing reflex, threw up, and two hours long did everything I could think of to get rid of the fish bone. In the end I gave up and called the huisartsenpost (huisarts = general practitioner, post = post), where you could get no-emergency-but-I-need-a-MD help during the night and weekend. An hour later the doctor picked up the fish bone with a big tweezers of at least 40 cm long and smilingnya said that since the bone got stuck between my tonsils, I could not get rid of it without help. I of course missed the wedding, but got home relieved anyway.

The next days I went to some friends place and spent Christmas days with them. On Dec 26th we even went to Nusantara Museum in Delft, since they have a keris exhibition. Too bad they don’t have a catalogue of it since some pieces come from private collections which were never shown before. They have some buda kerises, some from Majapahit era, some kerises from outside Java, also some exquisite tombak (spear) heads. My favorite piece was a beautiful dark colored keris with 13 luk and almost no pamor on it, the only description was ‘a very old keris’ but further no information, too bad. I was really enthousiastic and took some pictures, got warned twice (it is not allowed to take picture but they don’t have a catalogue either!) and got threatened that they would throw me out if they catch me for the 3rd time *grin*

Despite this I learnt new stuff, I watched how different kerises have different patterns of energy which is reflected in how a ‘pendulum’* moves when it’s put in front of it. Some shows a horizontal movement, some clockwise and counterclockwise, even the amplitudes differed. It’s not that I fully understand how it works and what it’s supposed to mean, I hope in time I will get more insight about it. Now I am just happy that I also am able to let it move =)

*it was not a real pendulum but a golden necklace with some pendant on it. I found out that any object that heavy enough to hang on the end of a chain would suffice and work like a real one.

Since the curator of the museum and the exhibition does not give a lot of information concerning the kerises colletion, I got a snapshot of one particular interesting keris luk 13 and asked my mentor about it. Here is the answer,
Dhapur: karawelang
Pamor: mrambut
Type: ladrang
Luk: sarpa nyander
Era: Majapahit, probably before the golden era

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