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November 30, 2006
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Last time I visited Singapore I got a look at a shop specialized in selling dzi beads. According to them dzi is a favorite gemstone worn by Tibetans. It could be used as charm against bad luck, sickness or simply to show off. The price however did surprise me, the ‘affordable’ ones with tiger tooth pattern cost you more than 1000 Singaporean dollars. The rarer the pattern the more expensive it is.

There are a lot of circulating myths concerning the origin of the gemstone, they even say that they’re used to be the jewelleries of gods. When they are flawed, the gods throw them away. Yet, they retain their charms, or in other words: every single dzi bead brings you good luck, health, longevity, worldly success and material gain… the same old story.

Have you ever wondered why there’s no such charm or amulet that promise you happiness or peace of mind? Is it because no one is interested in it, meaning it won’t get sold anyway? In my opinion, if there’s indeed such charm, the very existence is contradictory to the idea itself, since the longed state of mind is unconditional in the first place. So that if there’s someone who swears that he sells such a thing, than he is definitely a fraud.

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