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June 13, 2006

I happen to have a kind of weird ears. Let me sum some of the facts up:

1. Pretty stiff earlobes: a source of sometimes unkind jokes in my family. The circulating myth associates stiff earlobes with stubbornness. Yeah, is it not something congenital? I mean, both of them.

2. I am able to hear 17.000 Hz sounds, despite the fact that I am older than 25. “Relatively” older ears are supposed to be a bit deaf, you see? Preliminary conclusion: Uh, I’ve visited too few pubs/ clubs in the past?!?

3. My ex once complained that our communication did not go well due to the fact that I could not hear the neighbours living upstair gossiping. Since I couldn’t even hear they talking, not to mention what they were talking about, I merely looked at him and adamantly said, ‘No.’ We ended up going our own ways.

4. Once I got a pretty bad mid-ear infection, in the middle of the night I woke up with 40 Celcius (104 F) and blood was trickling down on my pillow. Distressed, I called my mom to ask for advice, she came with a surprising one: ‘Try to meditate.’

5. In addition to a bit of dyslexia, I also suffer from ‘deafness’ occasionaly. For example: once I got this deafness de deux with my friend, the conversation more or less was like this:
Me: Kalian tadi ngomongin apa? (So, what did you guys talk about?)
X : Tesis gue lah, apa lagi. (My thesis, what else?)
Me: Apa? Tenis? Kan lo ga suka tenis (What? Tennis? You don’t like it, right?)
X : Yee, kok penis sih? (What? Penis???)
Me: ???
X : ???

X & me: Huahahahahahaha

6. This one is a bit scary: about one month before the earthquake in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on May 27th, 2006, I got earache. When I complained to my friend, I was told to see some throat-nose-ears doctor. Since one of the things I hate most is going to see a doctor, I ignored the good advice, and voila, a few days later the earthquake took place and gone is my earache!

7. Last week I listened to some classical music since the Japanese guy Emoto showed that they cause the water to form some beautiful hexagonal crystals. Guess what? I heard some inaudible conversation at the same time, like some people talking softly on the background. Stunned, I stopped the music and the background noise also disappeared. But then I thought, the background noise/ conversation did not really bother me so I happily continued listening to the stuff. I wonder whether it is some kind of embedded messages of the old masters. Sounds pretty Da-Vinci-code, huh? I have not tried to listen to them again this week since I have a cold right now. My nose, my throat and my ears simply hurt, at least my ears feel just like any other normal ones during this period. =D

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  1. triesti permalink
    June 13, 2006 21:53

    here’s the thing.. your hallucination is almost always involving sounds… while mine is more visual. Nothing’s just our things;)

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