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My Ego and I

April 14, 2006

Is it you, or is it actually your ego that gets hurt? Hurt as that particular kind of sensation that make you feel like your heart being squeezed, or stabbed, or bleeding, feel like you can not breath, you mention it.

Time goes by and I start to realize that it is actually ego. It is ego that says ‘It is not to my liking, ouch!’ Even worse, you could get addicted to that ouch feeling. You may describe it as painful, yet, somehow you enjoy it. It could even give you some kind of satisfaction. Otherwise you would not keep repeating that very thing in your mind, would you?

Lately I got a kind of mix of feelings, the familiar ouch feeling and another voice that keeps saying that it is merely my ego and laughing at me. It’s never between you and me. It’s my ego and I.

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