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Hospital and I

October 22, 2005

Hospital always causes some uneasiness in me. Despite the fact that during the last six years I’ve spent a lot of time in one hospital or another, I never grow accustomed to it.

It has a particular sphere, even vibration, that I can feel as soon as I go inside. I got some headache, while in my worse times I even had nightmares. I wonder whether it has merely to do with the physical suffering there, or more with human suffering itself (psychics, emotional…).

However, last week when I went to a hospital in North-East Holland, I noticed for the first time that I didn’t get any headache. I wonder whether it’s due to the hospital itself or I’m the one who has changed. According to my friend, it was myself, while another friend merely said, “Lucky you.”

If you want changes to take place, who should change first?
The world, or yourself?

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