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Ever felt lucky?

September 11, 2005

Two days ago someone asked me in a grave manner, “Did you ever feel happy because you’re lucky?” I had to give the question some consideration before I came up with an answer. There were actually two questions posed:
1. Did I ever consider myself lucky?
2. If yes, was I happy because of it?

Luckily the answer came pretty quick to my mind, “Yes, I did.”

However, my “Yes” was conditional, relative and temporary. I felt lucky because I thought that my friend was unlucky. Therefore I was happy. It might sound cruel to your ears, to be happy because someone else has bad luck. It reminds me of what Samuel Huntington said in his book “Clash of Civilization” (despite the fact that I consider his Clash of Civilization theory as false claim), I quote more or less:

A human, in search of his identity of “Who I am”, reaches his conclusion through defining “Who I am not.”

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