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Physical yoga vis-a-vis McKenzie method

August 7, 2005

Last week I got a glimpse of manual therapy. Most of them come to see the therapist due to spinal problem (back and/ or neck pain, I even saw one scoliosis). The manual therapist looked more intensively to your spinal mobility compared to what a GP does. To my surprise the spinal mobilisation looked so familiar to me. It’s nothing less than the yoga poses known as asana’s. The difference is that during a yoga class you have to do all those movements by yourself. In a manual therapy session the therapist does it for you! Even the McKenzie exercises she gave to them were yoga poses. They call them with different names, yes, but to me a cobra pose is a cobra pose. Yet, the one I missed from the manual therapy is the breathing exercise, while in yoga breathing forms the core of the exercises.


I found this one on yoga journal site, Bhujangasana or cobra pose.


This one is from McKenzie site. Look familiar?

Apparently the McKenzie stream, which mimics yoga poses, does not consider yoga as a form of sport. When I gave yoga and chi kung as answer to her question, “What kind of sport do you practice?”, she looked at me as if I came from another planet. *grins*

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