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2 Lips and Dancers and Space

June 6, 2005

Last Saturday I gave Robert Wilson another try after the great anti-climax his I La Galigo gave me. I did my homework and read the first two volumes of I La Galigo (The rest are coming, I hope). Yet, Robert Wilson had failed in bringing the longest sage of South East Asia (It is even longer than Mahabharata) into life. His play was spectacular, yet I missed the soul of I La Galigo.

In his project “2 Lips and Dancers and Space” he works with 4 older-than-forty dancers of Nederlands Dans Theater III. 2 Lips and tulips, sounds familiar? The oldest is 64 years old! The whole idea interested me, so I decided to give the master of lights another shot.

It’s awesome. A play of lights. The white is whiter than white, the black is blacker than black. I happen to remember some words he said in an interview that white is whiter when it’s close to black. Well, it’s nothing new under the sun. Yet, on stage he shows us just how breathtaking it could be. There’s only one background color which made me feel uneasy, white with a hue of grey, the colour of a dead body.

To me the whole act was like a surrealistic painting coming to life. Or, actually it’s like life itself. However, the first thing that made me shiver was not the play of colours or of movements. It was the text, written by autistic Christian Knowles.

MandyI remember all my life. Raining down and cold I was. Faces through windows. Crying in the night. Mandy you gave me and you gave that keeps shaking. I need it.

Strange landscapes, strange animals, strange lights. Strangers in strange clothes with strange background on strange stage. Too absurd to be true. Yet, too real to be a dream. Absurdity and reality got intertwined with each other. The white is no more white. The black is more than just black. And how about yellow, red, blue, and green?

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